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Miles Local Cash Buyer In San Bernardino

Hi, I'm Miles Jiles

Miles is deeply involved in every aspect of the process, from overseeing seller relationships to coordinating funding and escrow. His passion lies in helping sellers get what they need, so you can expect to speak with him throughout the entire process.

Meet My Partner Daniel

Daniel Cas Buyer San Bernardino

Daniel C. Field Project Manager

Daniel has been buying houses since the early 2000s. He owns many houses that he rents out to people in different states. He's also really good at fixing up old houses and making them nice again.

Happy Father To My Beautiful Daughter

Family comes first, We treat you as if you're part of our family. We go through ups and downs but what makes us strong is the love we have for one another. We treat you as our own family, we care about you, your needs, and happiness